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Post  BuckeyBean on Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:42 pm

ok i know they suck but we do need rules and btw if u disobey one of these rules you get banned length depends on severity of the rule


1) Re-Post~ Please dont make another subject when there is already one of the same topic. always look around before making a topic

2) Double Reply~ Please don't reply to a post more than twice especially like this...
Bleach 123 whats
Bleach123 up
Bleach123 my
Bleach123 peeps

3) Avatars~ Please dont post avatars like this...
there's a seizure waiting to happen and really annoy me just don't use them

4) Be nice~ Please don't be mean to someone just because they don't like the same anime/manga as you. The only exception for this rule is if there is an argument between somthing on 1 topic, like if 2 people are arguing weather naruto's dad is Yondaime or Iruka but if it goes on too long i will stop it

5) don't stay off topic~ if there is a Death Note topic unless your comparing don't start talking about Bleach

rules will be added/taken off later


the first four people to join will be admins so far 2 are and if there are 5 admins (including me) please remind me to take this message off

Dark Angel Edit: We have the five Admins!

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