The Limitations of Images ; More rules

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The Limitations of Images ; More rules

Post  TheLastMoonBunny on Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:36 pm

I, the last moon bunny, is here to post this topic... although it might be useless (and I don't care), it might prevent something.

The rules are simple, because, well, they're important on every forum, unless it's a forum that includes a user to post "pr0n".

Anyways, here are the rules :

Rule #1:
As stated in the rule topic, the administrators do not allow avatars such as this :

I will add that your signature or avatar must not be so distracting like this example. So, it can't be super flashy and stuff, just don't distract us TOO MUCH. Breaking this rule may result to a temporary suspension.

Rule #2:
We will not allow users to post "pr0n" pictures, A.K.A. inappropiate images that are for people above the age of 17. Go somewhere else if you want to do that, because these forums are for anime discussion or any anime-related things ONLY. No "pr0n" please, even if it includes anime characters. You may never know the person searching through here is a kid, or an adult. Breaking this rule is a permanent ban.

Rule #3:
No "image-spam". Image-spam is basicly spamming a topic with five or more images that is not on-topic or is useless. If you have image-spammed three times, it will result to a suspend, if you do this three more times, you will be banned.

Rule #4:
Please do not post bloody or gory pictures. I have a fear of blood (still DX) and I don't want to see the forum spammed by bloody pictures. Just please don't, some of us don't have time for that.

This may be edited for future rules when things happen. This has been another post by TheLastMoonBunny. Wink

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